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Mzanzi Global Trading Pty Ltd, stands as an esteemed Honeywell Smart Energy Channel Partner, presenting an exclusive gateway for direct acquisition of premium water meters and cutting-edge metering solutions. Our product portfolio encompasses renowned brands such as Elster Kent/Honeywell, Precision, Kamstrup, Hexing/ZLink, and Laison. Specializing in customer-centric smart metering solutions, Mzanzi ensures seamless real-time visual analysis of water and electricity consumption, accompanied by timely alerts for informed decision-making.


Our strategic alliances with key southern African market leaders guarantee unparalleled advantages. Clients benefit from direct factory supply, eliminating middleman mark-ups, potentially reducing product lead times, and enjoying complimentary nationwide delivery services. Notable entities within our client base include The Building Company (Buco stores), Build It, Elite Star Trading, Vodacom, Vodafone (IoT.nxt), Balwin Properties, Trafalgar Properties, Mediclinic, Wits University, among others.


With 15 years of profound water metering technical expertise, our owner, a former managing director of Elster Kent Metering and leading member of the South African Meter Manufacturers' Association for over a decade, brings invaluable professional advice, knowledge, and experience to the table. This ensures that our customers have access to not only high-quality water meters but also expert guidance to facilitate seamless integration into their operations.


At Mzanzi Global Trading, our commitment extends beyond product supply. We prioritize exceptional product support and go the extra mile by offering meter product knowledge training. This additional value is aimed at empowering our clients, fostering lasting partnerships, and contributing to the growth of their businesses.


All water meters provided by Mzanzi Global Trading comply meticulously with local content requirements established by the SA Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Furthermore, our B-BBEE Level 4 contributor status signifies a commitment to excellence, providing customers with 100% procurement recognition and contributing to their corporate social responsibility goals.


In essence, Mzanzi Global Trading is not merely a supplier but a strategic partner dedicated to elevating your operational efficiency, ensuring compliance, and fostering long-term success in the dynamic landscape of water metering and smart solutions.

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